M2C Network

From the Margins to the Center: Supporting Teacher Diversity, Quality, and Retention (M2C) will provide evidence-based professional development (PD) that leads to National Board Certification, an advanced credential for teachers (Absolute Priority 1). The program will directly advance the learning and effectiveness of more than 1,500 teachers, of whom at least 50% will be teachers of color (ToC) and 70% will be teachers serving high-need students. This will support improved learning outcomes for 90,000 students (45,000 each in years 2 and 3) through improved teaching. The program evaluation will provide replicable and scalable learning on solutions to longstanding workforce challenges of quality, retention, and diversity.

M2C Partner Sites

M2C will involve as many Partner Sites as necessary to achieve the program goals and outcomes. These Partner Sites will develop, adapt, and build evidence on practical and effective approaches to recruit and support teachers with PD grounded in National Board Standards and Certification. Resources and programs will be modified with particular focus on culturally responsive and sustaining (CRS) experiences that equitably engage and support ToC. Impact measures will include student social-emotional learning (SEL) and academic outcomes, changes to teacher instructional practice, teachers earning National Board Certification, and retention of teachers in high-need schools.